Size Charts Measurements

It's really simple to get measured at home. You'll need a tape measure. To get the best fit we need to use your natural body measurements, so resist the urge to adjust your posture or suck in your stomach
 Measure your waist
Look at yourself in a mirror and measure yourself where the waist appears the slimmest. That would be approximately mid-way between your pelvis and your bust – a little above the belly button.
The tape should be held evenly at the front and back and you can use the mirror to check. 
Firstly, the Corset should be of your size that is neither too tight nor too loose. Poorly fitted ones will make you feel uncomfortable whereas shorter ones will not show miraculous results, reducing your waistline faster than the perfect one.
Since you are a beginner and your body is not used to this hugged undergarment, wear it only for 1 to 2 hours at the initial stage and gradually increase the timings after a week. In this way, you not only train your waist but also prepare your body.
The keyword to remember when you are training your waist is "gradually". Do not tighten the corset to the extent that is painful and is unbearable for the abdomen. It is highly recommended to wear initially for 1-2 hours a day and gradually increase to 6-8 hours a day and may continue for a month.
Try to give yourself a break for some days. You may find that you wore the corset for more than 5 hours in a day and the other day you are wearing it only for an hour.
They are ideal for your waist to keep it slim, which is not possible in the gym working for hours. You have always dreamt of the hourglass figure, to achieve the same investment in gorgeous waist training corsets. These corsets, when tied around your waist, will not only give you a sleek, stunning look but also promise to transform the shape of your body permanently. However, waist-training corsets take time to improve your waistline, thus shedding a few extra pounds from your waist. to show off your curves!