Instruction How To Put Corset

1. Loosen the strings at the back towards the middle. Generally they will need to be completely loosened in order to put the corset on 
2.Put the corset around your body and clasp it at the center front, it's usually easier to clasp the middle first, and then work your way up and down from there. The corset will be still loose around your body (do not attempt to clasp) the corset around you without first loosening the strings 
3.Next, tighten the corset on the back by pulling the “bunny-ear” strings at the middle/waist area. The first time you try on the corset, go slowly, and only tie it to be fitted. but not too tight. You will need time to get used to it. and over a time it will mold to your shape. After an hour or so you can tighten it more,  and more after wearing a few times 
4.You make a node / can tie a bow in the middle or wrap the strings. Done! 
5.To remove the corset, simply reverse this process.