Long Torso Lux Corset for USA & International orders
Long Torso Lux Corset for USA & International orders
Long Torso Lux Corset for USA & International orders
Long Torso Lux Corset for USA & International orders
Long Torso Lux Corset for USA & International orders
Long Torso Lux Corset for USA & International orders
Long Torso Lux Corset for USA & International orders

Long Torso Lux Corset for USA & International orders

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This Gorgeous unique handmade Corset will cinch your waist like no other. It will give you an immediately permanent hourglass shape that you will love. Features quality details that give you real results quickly. 

  • Our Corset create curves and a shaped small waist that even hours in the gym can rarely achieve.
  • Front Height 10.8 inch / 27.5 cm
  • 5 Hooks 
  • Excellent fit for normal/ long torso  body length. 
  • The torso cut is perfect to shape your waist and reduce the size of it, by giving you a nice comfortable compression. 
  • Reduce your waist by 2-6 inches/5-15cm 
  • 4 rigid steel bars to support back
  • Back strap design adjustable according to your size
  • 20 Spiral steel bones inside the corset which makes it more flexible and durable 
  • Strong onset cord lacing back
  • Come with modesty panel to protect your skin from lacing up
  • 2 steel bars adjacent to front busk
  • Heavy duty corset
  • Waist shaper bones design helps you get slimmer effects faster 
  • Breathable: Fabric material compression Breathable Mesh, Cotton & Polyester
  • Ultra smooth fabric feel comfy after wearing it 
  • Guarantee best fabric in the market
  • Boost self-esteem and confidence. Fashionable to wear. Under bust enhancer.
  • Control appetite, reduce bloating, promotes weight loss 
  • Help burn unwanted fat. Get rid of the lower belly
  •  Improve overall posture
  • Provides support to core muscles, leading to achieve a great workout by keeping your core tight
  • Prevent curling 
  • 3D Cutting, Full Fit 


Improved Posture: Lux Corset can encourage better posture by providing support to the core muscles, leading to a straighter and more upright stance.

Enhanced Hourglass Figure: Consistent use of it will contribute to a defined small waistline, creating an hourglass figure & accentuating curves.

Back Support: Provides lumbar support, which can help alleviate lower back pain and discomfort, promoting better spine alignment.

Increased Sweat Production: The compression from our corset can stimulate perspiration, potentially aiding in the temporary loss of water weight and toxins.

Ideal for healthy lifestyle, clothing fit, postpartum support, appetite control, increases sweat production.


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
I adoreeeeee !!

im so happy so comfortable!

Grarteful for this

Im loving my corset! fits my torso perfect!

cant say enough

honestly this corset changed my life lol. my waist was never this small. im doing a prep and not even my couch cant believe it

I love my lux corset

Thank you! it keeps my waist so small, its breathable comfortable and so cute get so many compliments, I hide it under clothes and I love my hourglass figure thank you

gorgeous :)

I recommend!! fits me perfectly is super comfortable, my torso is normal to long so this is perfect to use it all day, I also got the normal torso and I use it to workout with!


 Size Waist (CM) Waist (IN)
2XS 45-50 19 - 20
XS 50-62 20-25
S 62-67 25-27
M 67-73 27-29.5
L 73-78 29.7- 33
XL 78-84 33-35.4
2XL 84-88 35.4-36
3XL 88-90 36-37

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